Formed in 2001, pop-rock band Estranged has spent almost 2 decades in the Malaysian music scene with countless performances and four albums under their belt. Their first big festival was Malaysia’s annual Rock The World which inspired them to record their first album, In Hating Memory (2004). Since then, they have won and received multiple nominations that acknowledge their musical prowess – ‘Favourite Local English Artiste’, ‘Most Popular Group’ and ‘Best Album’, to name a few.

In 2007, their single ‘Itu Kamu’ skyrocketed Estranged to fame and solidified their presence in the country as a rock band to be remembered. The album In Hating Memory was then re-released with this single included.


The album In Hating Memory was then re-released with this single included.

Their second album, Remain Unknown (2008), was a critical success, securing 8 nominations at the 16th Anugerah Industri Muzik awards, making them the most nominated artist that year. After a hiatus, Estranged returned with the album Anugerah Hidup (2015). The album consisted mainly of Malay songs. It was also the last album they recorded with their drummer. The following year, Estranged released the extended play (EP) Sepenuhnya Vol. 1, which led with the single ‘Hancur Aku’, featuring fellow local artiste Fazura. ‘Hancur Aku’ has garnered more than 13 million views on YouTube as of date.


Following the EP, Estranged has released several singles, with the most recent being ‘Odoi’. It is now airing on Malaysian radio stations and available to stream on YouTube.


Estranged has embarked on a journey to bring light to remote villages in the interiors of Borneo.

A collaboration with NGO Lightup Borneo and Kuala Lumpur based law firm Thomas Philip, the ‘Jelajah Misi Elektrik Borneo’ tour aims to raise awareness about the need to assist interior folks with basic amenities, such as electricity supply, in a sustainable way. The concert also seeks to raise funds for the electrification of rural Bornean villages.


The 'Jelajah Misi Elektrik Borneo' concert that took place in Sabah from May 2018 to June 2018 was considered to be a success for Estranged and their collaborative partners who have all put in immense effort to make the CSR Project possible.

In June 2018, they embarked on a 2-hour journey from Ranau, Sabah to the remote village of Kampung Paus, Sg. Toubang for the installation of the micro hydro power plant. To date, Estranged, in collaboration with Drum Asia, Thomas Philip and Lightup Borneo have successfully brought light to over 50 homes in Sabah.

The tour has been held 7 times as of date. This has allowed two villages to be furnished with sustainable electricity - Kampung Koiyep and Kampung Pau, both located in Ranau.


Giving Back

Jelajah Misi Elektrik Borneo - our corporate social responsibility (CSR).