Welcome to my world dear
Gotta watch out for me
It sucks that you’re new here
Cause you're making it easy

Cause all the pain inside is making me sore
Maybe if you just stay
I will change

Say I'm not scared of anything
I'm just ashamed
Why much I stay right by her side
I'm not afraid

Look at me, I’m losing senses
Which I have learned from her
Teach me to take my chances
In front of you

Seems like I'm always lost
Try to find some light in life
Besides I’m always cold
And I can't find warmth

She wasn't always there
When I needed her most
Now that I’m stronger
I'm getting colder

Bear with me if you want to stay
I'm not that cold
Why must I leave you by yourself
You're not that brave

She made me like this
Do you like me like this
I want to like this
I want to like this